We make the worlds behind the idea appear, and populate them with life. Wherever there's a story to tell, we create the images and set them in motion. Our specialty is stylized and cartoony content, we twist, distort, exaggerate, paint in striking colors until it all looks great.
How can this help me?
Wherever there's a tale to be told, a message to be conveyed, a procedure to be described, a problem to be explained, visual storytelling can help you to make the point with your audience, help them feel the tale and connect to the world. →Read on
Want to produce a CG animated movie, and need a hand? You know how it's played - drop us a line or give us a call! We're happy to help!
On your way to win a budget and in need of a teaser or pilot short? Don't hesitate and call us! →Read on
Bookmakers Concept
Entertaining ways to make the point are often hidden at unexpected places. For the driest of matters, the dustiest of paragraphs there's a chance there's an allegory out there in the wild, waiting to be discovered and turned into a catching tale that will mesmerize audiences.
We'd be glad to unearth that allegory, and find the visuals to cast it on screen.
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Here's an example: Bookmakers, an edutainment short produced for Nedler Beratung, an occupational psychology consultancy, to be used in their trainings, as an entertaining way to introduce common traps and pitfalls to avoid when confronted with high workloads. Instead of showing ordinary everyday work life, we went for a completely fictional setting ...
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We have worked with several studios and artists to help them successfully complete their projects.

Our Tools

In our work we mostly rely on open source tools. Our pipeline employs
  • Blender 2.79-3.x
  • Houdini 16-19
  • SpeedTree modeller
  • Gimp, Krita, Inkscape
  • subversion as a version management tool
We can provide support regarding
  • Rigging →Reel
  • Animation (reel soon to come!)
  • Scribbles, Storyboards, Animatic, Story Telling
  • Shaders (BI, Cycles, Eevee, Mantra)
  • Dynamics/Simulations (fluids, oceans, RBD, Vellum cloth, softbodies & grains, FEM basics, crowd basics)
  • Modelling (including procedural modelling) and Sculpting
  • Scripting in Python and VEX
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I'm interested - but How Does it Work?

Simple: you reach out to us, and we talk. We'll ask you a lot of questions to learn as much as we can about your idea and motivation, the project's goal and audience, any relevant background information. At that stage, don't hesitate to be verbose - the more we get to know, the better we'll be able to work alongside your vision.
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El Dinero (So what does it cost?)

Movie production is a complex task that very much depends on the nature of the story to be told: length (obviously), style, number of locations and characters and many factors more determine the size of effort required to make it happen. Before production can even start though, the most important step of all has to happen: the story has to be worked out in all its details (usually in the form of a script, storyboards, an animatic), and with it a concise idea about the visual side of things - how characters and things in the movie should look like. We are happy to develop all that for you (in fact, this is probably the most thrilling part of the process), however it is also a significant part of the overall effort, and on top of that the very foundation required to make any educated estimates regarding subsequent production efforts at all.
However it is possible to do very rough estimates, based on projects we have already completed ourselves, and on the experience others have made. Our own rule of thumb that has proven itself on numerous occasions is:
  • one minute of final quality CG animation, medium complexity (one location, 1-2 animated characters, few and simple assets) roughly equals $3000-$4000 (character creation excluded).
  • A solo rigged character, medium complexity, as used in above scenario, typically represents a work effort of one to two weeks, pricing ballpark would be between $1500 and $3000 accordingly.
For more information about pricing - including hourly or daily rates for contract work - please →contact us. We are happy to discuss options with you.

About Us

Founded by Helmut Schulz, former software engineer and comic artist, Thalion Graphics eK. started it's adventurous journey into 3D in 2014. Since 2017, till today, moving images has become the small studio's primary focus.


Founder, 3D generalist, comic artist.
His focus is on visual storytelling and animation. He takes care of story and character development, and the technical steps necessary to turn concepts into moving on-screen characters. Visual effects like digital water, rivers, fire run through his hands as well.


She has joined Thalion Graphics in 2017, as a prop modelling artist. Today she is our invaluable SpeedTree specialist, apart from making all kinds of assets needed by our productions she is responsible for everything that grows - trees, flowers, digital vegetation.


Supervises all work at Thalion Graphics. Responsible for crew mental health, enforces regular fresh air breaks, nutrition and good mood. Also acts as animation model and wolf miniature.

Contact Us

Thalion Graphics eK.
Fred-Joachim-Schoeps-Strasse 58
68535 Edingen-Neckarhausen
Phone +49621-44590535
Email info@thalion-graphics.de

VAT ID: DE229523799
Registration Information:
Company registered in German Commercial Register.
Registry Court: Mannheim
Company Registration Number: HRA 706483

Responsible for content according to ยง 55 II RStV: Helmut Schulz (contact as above)